#CambsDigi Conference 2021

Image shows lots of postage notes from a breakout room at the conference. The question asked is 'how do we get those who aren't online, online?
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Cambridgeshire Digital Partnership hosted their second online #CambsDigi Conference in October 2021, as part of GetOnlineWeek

With around 150 bookings for five events, guest speakers talked about the impact of digital inequality on individuals experiencing homelessness, the digital skills gap and how this effects organisations and individuals, the relationship between health services and digital access, as well as how digital tools can support your organisation in becoming more accessible.

During the final event attendees put their heads to together to consider future challenges that face digital inclusion. 

Key challenges discussed were:

  • Connectivity needs to be a basic right, how to embed and enable this. 
  • How do we keep up to date, with technology, training and each other.
  • Everyone who would like support needs to feel welcome and safe.
  • How do we create and maintain proactive partnerships across the county. 

Feedback from attendees was extremely positive, with each event receiving 4 or 5 star ratings. Unanimously attendees said that they wanted a space where they could come together to share news, information and resources. This set the scene for the partnerships first network meeting on 25 January 2021.

Event Recordings

Homelessness and Digital Exclusion

Hosted by Matt Nelson, It Takes a City

Matt Nelson, It Takes a City, Coordinator and Community Engagement Manager leads this event in partnership with Wintercomfort and Riverside, to discuss the impact of digital exclusion on people experiencing homelessness.

Diagnosing Digital Exclusion

Hosted by James Lewis, Cambridge Online

James Lewis, CEO at Cambridge Online and former Digital Inclusion Officer with CHS Group will led this event with some analysis on digital exclusion, followed by a discussion with a panel of other guest speakers from health sector organisations, to explore the relationship between digital inclusion and positive physical and mental health. Guest speakers include Kelly Austin, Wellbeing Team Lead & Social Navigator, Granta Medical Practices and Trish Barker-Barrett, Digital and Community Engagement Team Manager / How Are You (H.A.Y.) Project Lead.

Digital Skills for life and work, can we keep up?

Hosted by Mark Freeman, Cambridge CVS

Mark Freeman, CEO for CCVS is joined by guest speakers to discuss why training and support in digital skills, at the workplace and at home, are essential to bridging the digital divide.

Accessibility and Digital Tools, Part 1. CamSight.

Hosted by Mark Freeman, Cambridge CVS.

Speakers from CamSight, Nick Burr, Community Fundraising Officer and Jerry Gilbert, Technology Trainer introduce you to digital tools that could help your organisation to become more accessible and inclusive.

Accessibility and Digital Tools, Part 2. Cambridgeshire Deaf Association.

Hosted by Mark Freeman, Cambridge CVS

Andrew Palmer, Chief Executive for Cambridgeshire Deaf Association introduces you to digital tools that could help your organisation to become more accessible and inclusive.


Dr Hannah Holmes and Dr Gemma Burgess, Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research

Paul Russell, Digital Poverty Alliance Ambassador

Thank you to all the attendees, guest speakers and hosts for making this such a successful event. If you any questions about the speakers or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

[email protected]

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