Tech That Won’t Cost the Earth: Sustainable Tech 4 Good

On Friday 27 Oct 2023 we were lucky to have Sue Gowling join us for our webinar. Sue is the Founder of Laptops4Learning, and she spoke about Sustainable Tech 4 Good, that addresses digital inclusion through their three offers.

The webinar is available on YouTube

Laptops4Learning: Sustainable Tech 4 All

Laptops4Learning work with large businesses and organisations. They take their old and surplus tech – securely erase the data, and fully repair and refurbish the devices.

The tech is then deployed to charities and the local authorities, not only helping others to become digitally more included but also saving the tech from going to landfill.

As well as working with large businesses, they also encourage the public to donate their unwanted tech too.

This rewarding work has helped so many people with so much! It’s enabled them to stay connected to their loved ones, access services, find the best deals, study and work – to name just a few.

Sue mentioned that for somebody with absolutely nothing, by giving them a device, it makes them feel cared about and they feel better about themselves. It makes a real difference.

Cambridge Acorn Project

Sue highlights the incredible work of the Cambridge Acorn Project, one of the many organisations Laptops4Learning works with. They have installed Tetris on donated tablets. Tetris is used as a wellbeing tool to help children process trauma and anxiety.

Laptops4Learning: Tech Aid UK

This offer is the link between the large organisations and the charities, and building on that relationship. For example, a trustee may know someone from a company, and this warm lead could then be picked up by Laptops4Learning who will facilitate the donations, by removing the tech, refurbishing it and passing it on. The company donating can help with the charity’s specific need and the charity can build its digital inclusion offer.

Laptops4Change: Sustainable Tech 4 You

This offer is for an individual to buy refurbished tech at an affordable price rather than buy new.

Many companies must replace their tech often. For example, Sue works with a company that help Pixar with editing, so therefore need the latest tech. So, this high-end tech can then be refurbished, securely erased and then put on their online website for resale.

It’s a win-win situation as the companies are happy that they are being sustainable and that the tech is going to a good home, rather than landfill or gathering dust. The money that the companies get back often goes to another charitable cause. For example, one company uses the money to build children’s playgrounds around the country.

For every 10th purchase from the site, Laptops4Learning will donate tech to a partner charity – so again helping digital inclusion.

Sue mentions how Covid brought to light the digital divide in the UK and how many people in lockdown were suddenly disconnected. Sue wanted to help, and Laptops4Learning was born!

Laptops4Learning mainly work in Cambridgeshire, Cumbria and Hertfordshire but have helped other parts of the UK. Donations that are made within an area are then deployed in the same area. So, for example if Cambridge Congenica donate tech, it will go to charities within Cambridgeshire.

Once the charities have the tech, Laptops4Learning will then signpost them to organisations that can help with data and digital skills.

Over 1,100 devices have now been delivered for digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire, and they have worked with 34 different charities.

They have worked with organisations such as SB Agri, Cambridge Cognition, Congenica and The Cambridge Building Society.

Their work is good for the planet too!

  • Sustainable Tech Quality Guarantee
  • 1,154,102 kgs of CO2 emissions saved to-date
  • 6.47m kgs of earth’s resources saved to-date

Laptops4Learning continue their amazing work and Sue would like the company to grow and eventually go international!

Laptop4sLearning’s website

Laptop4sLearning on X

Sue Gowling on LinkedIn

This blog was written by Karen Cann, CCVS Communications and Development Worker.

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