Laptops4Learning – supporting Digital Inclusion in Cambridgeshire through Sustainable Tech

This blog is written by Laptops4Learning Founder, Sue Gowling.

Image shows Laptops4Learning logo, photos of people receiving devices and today number of devices distributed. It is a montage to show to impact they are making to aid people in getting online.

About us uses Sustainable Tech 4 Social Good.  We take tech from businesses and repair and refurbish it, making it sustainable and plug-and-play ready for use in addressing digital poverty. We enable local businesses to use their redundant tech for the good of their local community, and work with a network of local charities and delivery organisations to get the tech out to those most in need. Digital inclusion is so important to improve people’s life-chances, enabling them to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

As well as being part of the Cambridgeshire Digital Partnership that works to end digital inequality in Cambridgeshire, we partner with Cambridge Ahead to encourage local businesses to sustainably reuse their surplus tech for social good.

A track record of delivery

We have a proven track record of delivery, and we have been involved in getting devices out to those in need in Cambridgeshire since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2020, our circular repair, refurbish and reuse model has delivered more than 4,300 devices to enable digital inclusion, saving more than 7,300kgs of e-waste and over 900 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Working with delivery organisations in Cambridgeshire

We have already worked with 20 different charities and organisations supporting digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire, and look forward to working with many more in 2023. We both donate and sell affordably, with any sales supporting our donations to organisations that have no funding available to purchase tech – this means we can extend our reach to get help to as many people as possible.

Working with local businesses

For businesses, working with us makes your IT upgrade sustainable and enables you to support digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire.  We provide you with:

  • Funds back to help fund your IT refresh or your own CSR programme.
  • Secure data erasure to government standards, with full certification by serial number, covering concerns around data breach.
  • A CSR report showing who has benefitted from your tech
  • A Sustainability report showing the environmental impacts saved

Working together in 2023

Laptops4Learning wants to hear from any charities and delivery organisations in need of tech to support digital inclusion, as well as from businesses interested in sustainability and working for the good of our local community.  Please get in touch – working together we can make a real difference in 2023.

Find out more

Website: www.Laptops4Learning,

Email: [email protected]

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