Good Things Foundation: Digital Nation UK 2024

The Good Things Foundation have released their new Digital Nation infographic which again, sadly highlights how large the digital divide is.

Every year they do amazing work pulling together the facts and statistics regarding digital inclusion and exclusion to create this infographic. They have been doing this since 2016 and you can find the previous images on their website.

You can spend a good few minutes looking at the graphic to see how unjust the current situation is, with stats like…

  • 8.5 million people in the UK have a lack basic digital skills
  • 92% think most essential services require internet access
  • 64% believe there’s not enough support for people who can’t get online
  • 76% say the internet helps them feel happy as they can connect with family and friends
  • 68% believe they are more employable with digital skills
  • Those online with high digital engagement save £900 more a year
  • 33% of those offline say it’s difficult to interact with NHS services
  • 50% experience higher food costs without internet access
  • 21% feel left behind by technology

The list goes on…

Helen Milner, Chief Executive states:

“Digital skills are essential for most of us in our everyday lives – and the Covid 19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we all live and work. However, the less familiar story of the pandemic is that although digital exclusion has reduced overall, the divide itself has worsened, with the most vulnerable lagging further behind.

Digital inclusion remains an urgent issue in the UK. It is crucial for the UK’s economic success, and for the Government’s ambitions to level up. We have to act now to not only realise these significant savings, but to ensure that individuals can feel these benefits too.”

From this research they have developed their Good Things Foundation strategy: 2022-2025 which highlights their mission to fix the digital divide.

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